Classic Hand Tied Bouquet’s for Bridesmaids, using “Baccara” & “Black Magic” roses.  Brides “Cascade” bouquet (In holder) is a classic mix of “Black Magic”& “Eskimo” roses, “Starfighter” lily”s and “Bear Grass” curls.  Can’t beat the color combo!





Isn’t she absolutely the cutest… I just love this pic!

I did this Wedding a few years ago but, I came across the pics and I couldn’t resist posting them…. Classic!

Notice the “Bear Grass” accents in Erica’s bouquet, you know?… Super popular a few years ago.  Well, I’m so… NOT sorry I don’t have to do many of those anymore!  Another one of those labor intensive accents that people are so attracted to.  Just like most trends,.. when they’re over,  they are NOT missed by anyone, especially the Floral Designer…. Of course, …If a Bride wants “Bear Grass”,…. She’ll get it for sure and I’ll fall in love with “Bear Grass” all over again!



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