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I hope you’ve found some inspiration, idea’s, or just some good ‘ole helpful info here on my site. Above all, I started this blog site to share my passion for All things Wedding.  Of course, letting the public know “What I do” has been a great plus too!

I’ll try to share the kind of things that I, myself would want to see and read about. From the latest trends, new idea’s and styling inspiration from some of the most amazing people out there in the Wide World of Weddings, to the basic, helpful stuff that can sometimes be difficult find.  Let’s face it,… there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there to be found with a simple CLICK of the mouse, right? So, I hope I can bring you something different,…. something helpful,….. something inspirational,….. and Always something Beautiful!

Hopefully, sharing my experiences in designing Weddings is informative (& not too boring), for those already working in, or hoping to become part of the Floral & Events Design business. If you’re so inclined to leave a comment, I would genuinely appreciate any feedback or suggestions on your experience here.

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About six year ago I started “Floral Occasions by Kelli”.  Just like so many other Mom’s out there, I wanted to have time with my Family and still do the work that I love.  I also happen to have a Husband who has always had an extremely demanding job. At times when my boys were small I would have loved to go back to my 9-5 Optician job or, even the part-time Construction Office job I had when my oldest Son was in Preschool,….. Just to get outta the house!!! My Hubby did NOT get home at 3,..5.. or even 6 o’clock like all my girlfriends Husbands. When other Dad’s would have been picking their kids up at daycare around 4 or 5pm, while Mommy’s still at the office. My boys would STILL be at daycare or school aftercare, until after 6:30 in the evening! YUCK!! So, it wasn’t hard to find a way to work from home after my part-time Floral Design job ended in 2006.

After many years of having a great time working for the lovely Doni at her company, Floral Expressions. She decided it was time to “put away the clippers” and close up shop. She wanted more time with her wonderful Family and enjoy being involved with her Son and Daughter’s activities, BTW,.. her Son just happens to play Water Polo on a “World Class” level… Pretty Awesome, right?

During those years I was fortunate enough to work alongside the Amazing Alice! Who, in my opinion is one of the most creatively talented people I’ve ever known. While, I’ll never have the talent of the Amazing Alice, the practical lessons that I gleened over those years are some of the most valuable for a lifetime.  “Thank you Alice, for your generosity of spirit and willingness to teach. Your patience and kindness are remembered and forever appreciated”,.

The timing was perfect for starting my own Biz. My three boys were getting older and working from home would be the ideal situation for me & the Fam! Having my “Home studio” has allowed me to be “Football Booster-taxi Mom” and I didn’t even have to miss watching practice either! (Love watching every second of my boys on the field). Now,… I must confess,.. I didn’t do a lot of Weddings while my boys were playing Football because, the ONLY thing I love more than Weddings, is watching my boys play!

During the busy “Taxi Mom” years, we were also finishing up on the construction of our custom home.  When I look back at all the hard work and stress that comes with such an endeavor, the first thing that comes to mind is,…. ” I wish I could do it AGAIN”! I truly enjoyed every second of the whole process. I brought out the scale ruler and tried to remember what I learned in 7th grade drafting class then, I designed every square inch of my home! My Strapping Husband, David and his Brother did all the grading work while we all took turns holding the fire hose to keep the soil wet (For proper compaction), Talk about a mud bath?,…. not the good kind either!  My boys have done their share of digging & “Grunt Work” for sure! We all put our Blood, Sweat and plenty of tears into the home that we love. Of course, it’s NEVER finished,…. what’s the fun in that? There’s always a DIY project that needs do’in, In fact, I’m in the mood to paint this Summer. Home Depot,… Here I come!

This year we celebrated out 27th Anniversary,…. WHAT??….. How is it possible? Like most young Women, I dreamed of what my Wedding would look like but, I was no where near as sophisticated as today’s young Bride-to-be.  My Wedding was the epitome of the “Budget Wedding”.  During consultations with Brides for my business, I love to tell them how much my own Wedding cost,….. less than $ 2,500. !! No lie.

The majority of Weddings that I design for are,… By Choice,.. Budget Weddings.  I’m a frugal girl & I always will be. That’s part of my “Skill set” that I have to offer my clients. In addition to being a creative Floral Designer, I’m a kick Ass budget girl! It’s all about the challenge of giving my Bride’s more than they expect or even thought possible on the budget they have to work with. No, I certainly won’t get rich being the “Queen of budget Wedding flowers” but, … C’est la vie!