Love,…love,….LOVE,  Radiant Orchid

Pantone Color of the year 2014


Are you bold enough to choose Radiant Orchid for your wedding color???….. Be BOLD and do it!!

The description “Radiant” is there for a reason.  This color practically glows!  It’s not purple,..nor is it fushcia.  It’s a mesmerizing, lovely, limpid place in between that keeps you guessing!

This really is the true “Orchid” color.  I think the pic above truly represents what amazing colors nature has provided.

Using this color for your wedding will make a statement.  This color might be tricky if not used in the right way.  I guess I should say,…. either go all the way or be subtle.  I don’t think anything in between would have the effect you would want.  Let’s take a look at some ways to go BOLD.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid wedding inspiration

A bold color is not for the timid!

Your Bridesmaids will swoon over this daring dress.

Stunning soft lines and fresh color.

Let your flowers represent!

Anemones, Tulips and grape Hyacinth,…. Gorgeous Spring flower choices for a radiant wedding.

Vanda Orchids and Peonies

Your spectacular Phaleonopsis bouquet with a wrist sling?….. genius

No need for your Maid of honor to juggle two bouquets.

Tablescapes in Radiant Orchid and GOLD

Gold has been the most requested accent color this year.

Gold and silver together?,…. YES!  Metallics create a sumptuous effect.

Fresh prints liven up and bring a fresh vibe.

The guys will glow in accents of Radiant Orchid,… Be subtle girls!

Who doesn’t love Lucite ghost chairs?

How about in Radiant Orchid?,……. Yes Please?!!

Go all the way with  sequined table linens, chandeliers and Ombre ruffled cake!

See?,……. So many ways to be Radiant at your wedding!