Looks like fun!


wedding arch & aisle.


Looks like fun!

I am always so amazed at all the creative decor ideas that I see everyday.  I’ve seen so many gorgeous ceremony decorations ideas. The Event industry is full of outstanding Event Designers that can turn out some astoundingly amazing Weddings.  Unfortunately, the price tag is out of reach for most of us.  Here I’d like to look at some ways to get the same “Lux Look” as some of the big budget Event Designers on a more manageable scale and of course,…as always, on a realistic budget!

Get your “Martha Stewart” ON!

Ok,…. I must admit,… I love this idea!  Not something you should be hearing from a professional Wedding florist but, these paper flowers are just so dreamy and surreal, most off all totally DIY on a budget!

paper flowers

~ via Colin Cowie Weddings~

I’m sure all of you Brides out there have seen these so, it’s super easy to get the “How to’s” for making these yourself.  I think this is best used in an indoor ceremony location.  Notice how the size of the flowers are balanced and taper off at the bottom.  I would love to see photos of your DIY paper flower arch!



~   Drapery   ~

Who doesn’t adore soft, flowing drapes?   Using pre-made drapes or yardage fabric is a perfectly DIY way to add some serious drama to your ceremony.

Here, a simple arch is constructed out of what appears to be White Birth branches.

gorgeous altar!

~ via style me pretty ~

Joining these branches together would be very simple with some twine and maybe a nail or two.  Just make sure that your arch is secured to the ground on four points. This could be easily done with some metal stakes securely attached to bottom of each post with wire.  Please be sure to cover your “Mechanics” (nails and ugly stuff) like a good Florist would!

It’s amazing how such a simple thing like drapes can add such graceful drama!  Seriously, how easy is this?  throw up a curtain rod secured to the closest branches and instant DRAMA.

Love the curtain arch thing.

~ via iloveswmag.com ~

Fishing line in a heavier gauge would easily hold up a curtain rod.  Also, it would be best to use a lighter weight fabric like a chiffon or even a gauze for a more rustic feel. A fabric with movement and “Drape” would be better than a stiff bodied fabric.  Don’t forget to bring your level and a very tall ladder!

For this application you’ll certainly need a heavier curtain rod but, how stunning is the result?  I am in love with the simple garland applied to the leading edge of the drapery.  Attaching the garland could be done with narrow gauge wire, pins or even your trusty glue gun!

apply a garland

~ via colin cowie weddings ~

Notice the small floral accents at the top and sides.  If you add the flowers yourself please make sure that they have a water source.  Small “cages” can be purchased at your local craft store that have floral foam to keep the flowers hydrated.  Bring along a spray bottle of water to keep the garland moist until the last minute.

Here is an adorable arch that I made for a little photo shoot at our local park.  I wanted to use some ribbons in a way that still looked elegant while feeling fun and casual.  I think it turned out super cute but,  anything would look good with a model as gorgeous as Karissa.  Believe it or not, I got everything to make the structure at Home Depot!

Looks like fun!

Just about anything could be used at the upper corners to get the same effect as my fresh arrangements.  I think large bunches of Baby’s Breath would really be sweet with lace ribbons or even some lace fabric gathered up and draped between the poles,…. The possibilities are endless!

I keep several buckets handy with a piece of pvc conduit (Ask a sales person) sunk into plaster of paris for stuff like this.  Those perfectly, rustic looking poles are for sale just the way you see them and they conveniently fit inside the pvc conduit that was already in the bucket,… lucky me since I didn’t measure first!  I covered the buckets with burlap sacks that I also bought at Home Depot, all in the garden dept.  Look for a video tutorial on this project coming soon!

I hope you’ve found some helpful ideas here.  Check back again for more ways to get the gorgeous Wedding you really want on a realistic budget.


guide to signature wedding cocktails

“Bring on the BOOZE”!!

Let’s face it shall we,…. Let’s be honest about what MOST of your guests will be thinking as soon as your beautiful ceremony is over, Okay? Just as your guest’s have witnessed you and your new Husband floating down the aisle in all your blissful gorgeousness,…. Sure, the thought of how “Wonderful it is to be part of such a sacred and monumental occasion” is still lingering in their heads,…… But, as soon as the lovely couple makes their blissful exit the very next thought is usually,….. BRING ON THE BOOZE & Let’s Git Dis party staaarted!!!


guide to signature wedding cocktails from Floral Occasions by Kelli


Oh yes,… Bring it on!

But what Booze will ya’ll be bringing,…..On?

Some couples may not take their Nuptial libations seriously enough but, this detail is a very important one indeed! Just as the food that’s being served at your Wedding, the cocktails and wine should be given apt attention.  Your guests should be served food and drink that you have put much effort and care into planning just as you would in your own home.  After all, your Wedding may be the biggest party you’ll ever host. It’s your opportunity to introduce yourselves as the couple you want to be,….. with STYLE!

 The Napa Sour Recipe – Saveur.com.



Not Every Bride is fortunate enough to have a savvy bartender in their social circle. What better time to make friends with your favorite mixologist from the Downtown Pub you love?………or, the Hottest City Nightspot you’ve closed a tad too many time’s?………. Neighborhood Dive???



Talk to the person behind the bar, they’re the expert!  Sidle up and inform your favorite Barkeep that you are getting “Hitched” and “you’d just LOVE some suggestions on a signature cocktail”.  They just may have some ideas or perhaps even go as far to volunteer an original recipe,….. You’ll credit him/her for it of course, lets not forget a big fat tip!!


  Did Someone Say Weddings..? Blog

Speaking of Barkeeps, You MUST visit the “Webtender” site. You’ll find an endless database of Adult Libations inspiration.  Also, an “In My Bar” feature that allows you to enter the ingredients that you like, or have on hand and like magic, a cocktail recipe will appear! Oh yes, I could really get into trouble here,….. Big trouble!!


*** Bring on the Booze ***

There are so many stunningly beautiful concoctions to be found that taste just as delectable as they appear. I’ve collected a few recipe’s from some of my favorite blogs and Wedding resources. Give them a visit for more ideas of cocktails that can be personalized for a most unique drink.


I must start off with a cocktail in my favorite color,..Chartreuse! Oh, come to me my lovely!

Chartreuse Smash Recipe – Saveur.com


How about a refreshing Lemonade Cocktail for an outdoor Summer Wedding? Add some fun parlor straws and watch your guest light up!  Such a luscious shade of perfect pink! Please pop over to Valley & Co to get more fabulous recipes and lifestyle inspiration.


via ~ Valley & Co

What about color you ask…..?

Well, my lovely Bride’s-to-be, the possibilities are limitless!  Here are some cocktails that will blow your guests away with color!  Can you believe how gorgeous these cocktails are? Just wait until you taste!

Just the name alone conjures up images of lusty lusciousness,…. “Delicious Night Blackberry Martini”,…. Now that’s SEXY!

via ~ Delish.com

Purple, Purple EVERYWHERE!….. Yes, Purple was the most requested color for Wedding flowers this year. What better way to show off your “Purple-icsousness” than with this “Cointreau Teese” made with Violet syrup. Don’t forget the edible Viola flower!

via ~ Delish.com


More Turquoise please?….. Fashionable Bride’s know how to be stylish in Turquoise. The “Tinsel Bellini” will mesmerize your guests with pleasure!  Link over to Delish.com to find out how to make this hypnotic concoction.



via ~ Delish.com

For the more casual Bride’s who appreciate a less fussy approach who can’t resist anything in a Mason jar! Don’t forget to label each jar with your creative signature cocktail name…. Is this the perfect bar for the DIY Bride or what?… LOVE!

Speaking of casual, the resurgence of Sangria is timed perfectly with the trend toward the more casual Weddings.  What better way to make your guests feel at ease than to serve a refreshing signature Sangria in a creative dispenser. The selection of party sized drink dispenser’s at the local home decor superstore provide plenty of options to carry through your lovely, casual theme.

via ~ Eat Drink Love

Another light and lovely white Sangria with a refreshing mix of fruit.  Don’t be shy about using “2 Buck Chuck wine’s” for your Sangria’s.  Just make sure YOU like the wine that is being used so, take a few samples before you pour.

 Summer Fruit Sangria;

via  ~ Inspired by Charm

Pomegranate juice is so versatile and it’s concentrated syrup (Grenadine’) lends a most lovely color.  I do believe there are many health benefits in drinking this particular Sangria. Red Wine has antioxidants too so,….. drink and be HEALTHY!

 via ~ Bobby Flay @ Food Network

Another beautiful recipe from my current CRUSH Bobby Flay (Love me a li’l Ginger spice!).  Looks sooo luscious!  Just add your own creative name and your guests will be crushing on YOU.

via ~ Bobby Flay @ Food Network

To finish up the Sangria section all I need is a little “Inspired by Charm” help.  Michael has put together some of the best Sangria Recipes found online.  A visit to Inspired by Charm is a MUST for all things lovely.

via ~ Inspired by Charm

Just for funsy’s I’ve included these wickedly good Halloween themed cocktails from the Halloween Queen herself, Martha Stewart.  October happens to be the busiest Wedding Month next to June,…. Who’d a thunk it?  How much more original could you get but, to serve a Black colored cocktail with your own signature name?,…. Go For it!


via ~ Martha Stewart


Yes, my gorgeous Brides, your guests WILL be expecting some delish Adult libations so, unless you have ultra strict conventions to adhere to, I would certainly recommend that you provide some sort of an alcoholic drink.  Do not despair! If budget is the issue (When ISN’T it)? then, the “Signature Wedding Cocktail” is the perfect solution!  You control the amount of booze that is added so, as long as there is a hint of happy buzz juice in each serving,…. your guests will feel like they are being served a treat for sure! 

Here’s a handy dandy Classic cocktail recipe infograph, (keep going it’s very loooong)

Just add a splash of a favorite flavored syrup for a Signature touch!

Regardless of the amount of  DIY element at your Wedding or how casual the affair, even the most well thought out “Self-Serve” bar will NEED some type of attention.  Please have a designated person to tend to the upkeep, refill and refresh the entire bar area as, this will prove to be the most visited area of the day! Also, be sure to add special attention to the decor.  Nothing too precious or worse,…. breakable should be in the vicinity of the bar but, do provide some decor that is delightful and personal.  The bar is the perfect area to add some whimsy and fun.

Be sure to speak to your bartender (Catering Manager, Consultant etc.) about portioning the amount of alcohol.  There are many tricks up the experienced barkeeps sleeve that can save you money and headaches.  Those that stand behind the bar know well how a lovely, languid reception can quickly turn into a “Reality Show” worthy Drama-Fest!  Talk to the Pro’s who know and they will provide advice plus,… It never hurts to let the staff know if there are some guests whom might get a bit “Frisky” after a little too much drinky. 😉

Did Someone say Wedding/

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I’m sure, that whatever my witty Brides choose to serve at their nuptial celebration, will be absolutely perfect and personal for  their special day.  Please check back with me at Floral Occasions by Kelli by for more fabulous Wedding tips and guides and don’t forget to sign up to get my Wedding guides and Newsletters email directly to you!

With Fall coming soon, my thoughts turn to FASHION.  Oh yes, there are some crazy gorgeous dresses coming from the best designers in the biz so, look for a “Wedding Fashion Guide” coming soon!


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