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Sooo,… I must admit,…. I WAS a tad bit burnt on the whole Mason jar thing ok?  I know,. I know… They are sweet, rustic and totally represent the current movement towards reuse and recycle and what not,… Yes, that’s a good thing but,… That’s all I hear! Every Bride wants Mason jars these days!!!  Now please understand from a floral designers point of view, there isn’t much “Design talent” involved in gathering a bunch of flowers into a jar filled with water (The less “arranged” and more “natural” looking the better, right?).   Now that I got that off my chest,.. Dare I say I’m a total convert now??  How could it be?? I’m tellin ya that I really love, love, LOVE how these mason jars turned out for Amber’s Wedding last weekend at Twin Oaks Gardens in San Marcos (More on the venue later).  See for yourself how flippin cute these are!  (Pardon the “phone pics” but I just couldn’t wait to share :)





A closer look,…. LOVE!!

ambersaisle2png test

Perfect rustic elegant touch for the bellys

ambers bellyspng test

More to come on Amber’s Wedding at Twin Oaks Gardens….. just gotta wait for the photographer!  Regardless, Amber is an absolute beauty so, gorgeous photos they’re sure to be.  Can’t wait!!



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