Stunning pastel bouquet

Back from the Holiday craziness!

Let’s do Pinterest Thursday on Friday,…. Why the hey not?

I’ve found more amazing, creative people to follow and I am still totally addicted to Pinterest especially after binging on all the glorious Holiday offerings!


Lovely Pastel Bouquet

Stunning pastel bouquet

via ~ Belle The Magazine

Kelli Rustin / Pinterest.

It’s feeling like Fall,…… Especially on Pinterest the past few weeks.  I’m having a hard time letting go of Summer this year, I guess it’s because this is definately a “transitional Summer” for me.  No more taking the boy’s to the beach or Football practice…Boo Hoo!  Too much time in front of the computer for sure!

Well,…. Pinterest IS certainly making it easier to look forward to the Holiday Seasons with all the amazing Pin’s I’ve seen this year from all the wonderful and creative people out there! Here’s a sampling of some of standouts to help you “Transition” into Fall,….. Are you ready?


This is Rustic Fall Perfection!  Love the Bittersweet branches and twigs.  So easy to come up with variations for Fall Wedding decor.  Don’t forget the bright green moss to make the Autumnal tones really stand out.  Chunky candles in oversized hurricane’s are so effective and simple to do.  Different sizes are fine.


Source: via Kim on Pinterest




I repinned this last week and I’m glad I came across it again.  Lovely color combo and such an artful interpretation on contemporary style that
Martha Stewart has perfected.  via Tre Bella Events.



YES!!!  Thank you, Blue Plate Chicago for this awesome  Moderne Yellow Event Design!  Very sophisticated use of some rustic elements and artful lighting,.. How do the centerpieces look like they’re floating?  I must find out what lighting was used.  It’s hard to match the impact of “Pave” style (mono flower, single color) floral designs especially, for a large event and the Forsythia branches are a dream!  Those chairs are absolutely the perfect touch…. Stunning!

Source: via Latisha w/ on Pinterest

From sophisticated to ultra Rustic,….. Leave it to the Lovely, Uber creative Ladies at Style Me Pretty, to come up with a way to make utility pallets,… Wedding worthy.  Oh yes,….. What else can we do with these pallets?  I can think of ton’s of ways to use them for a Rustin Fall theme.  I’m sure you will come up with something amazing!

Source: via Kimm on Pinterest

Ok,… I just couldn’t resist.  I can’t help but wonder,… Is this what I look like in the morning?…. Or just how I FEEL?…. Hilarious!!!

Source: via Michael on Pinterest

Lovely,… LOVE! this bouquet from Elisabeth Ann Designs.  The deep burgundy Dahlia’s are a gorgeous contrast with the gray fuzzy Lambs Ear.  I am absolutely enamored with the Cameo and Lace edge that is used in the wrap.  So Victorian in a contemporary way,… inspiring!  You must visit her site to see more!

Source: via Elisete on Pinterest

Isn’t this a great idea for a casual Fall, outdoor Wedding?  So COZY and inviting looking.  Where else but, Style Me Pretty,…Of Course!  Even an outdoor “Lounge” area for a more formal indoor Wedding.  Add a Coffee bar or,… a Hot Cider Bar! This will be the Hit of the Party for sure!  Please make sure the “Bale’s” are covered WELL.  Even an extra layer of padding would be a good idea.  If you’ve ever sat on these then,… You’ll know what I mean… OUCH!

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Now THIS is how I want to spend the Autumn Months, Making out in the leaves….. Ahhh.  What a lovely idea for a Wedding Pic!

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

I’m wild about these place settings for a Fall Wedding.  The bright green and deep chocolate brown are such great colors to work with to get a simply elegant look and feel. It’s all about the texture and contrast.  A more budget friendly version could be done with a little less product and maybe more use of chunky candles to fill in.  I’d keep the colors simple in order to emphasize the beautiful china pattern.  Just think of the possibilities in using Pheasant feathers,…. LOVE!!

Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

Here’s a lovely Tranditional style Fall Wedding with just the right amount of “Pumpkin-ness”.  Love the wheat and I’m totally using it in my next Wedding in October!  I wonder who carved the numbers in the sweet little baby pumpkins?  So digging the Grooms suit,… is that corduroy?


Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

This a very unique and creatively styled Fall Wedding.  Notice the striped table covers and the subtle colors.  I’m not so sure I would extend the “Pokey” dried elements as far into the guests personal space for the centerpieces but,… doing so does add some drama,…. and a little DANGER,… which could be fun,…. with the right crowd,…. Just Sayin….!  A very nice take on the Fall Season theme.

Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

Spectacular Fall Ceremony Decor!  Huge constructed trees down the aisle. This is a monumental undertaking one, which li’l ole me could never manage.  It takes a very large staff to install a production of this large scale but,….    something on a smaller scale could be done with a little creativity and craftyness, get out the glue gun girls and then go out and collect some leaves and branches,…. Start gluing!!!

From “Over-the-top”,.. to simple and elegant. Here’s a great way to achieve a fabulous Fall look on a budget.  I probably wouldn’t use the Pinecones as a vase filler, as they won’t really show up enough to be worth the effort.  A water filled tall clear glass cylindar with some clear glass gems would give more depth and sparkle.  Submerge some curly willow or suspend some Autumnal hued single blooms in the water for extra drama.  Everything wonderful about Fall in a budget friendly design!

Okay my Lovelies,… If this doesn’t get you into the mood for Fall then,…. I don’t know what will?  Can’t you just smell the apples?  Are those Apple fritters on that plate?….. Yummy!  The simple sheath of wheat in the urn is just sublimly lovely and the apples tumbling about on the table can be swiped up and nibbled as you like.  LOVE!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest



This is my all time favorite Fall bouquet.  I’m obsessed with the striped ribbon so much that I actually bought some in black & white at the supply store just in case I find a Bride willing to have a Halloween themed Wedding! So fun.  This is done so well, notice the balance of texture with the gray ball thingy’s,.. with the soft Lamb’s Ear against the rough textured Orange Zinnia’s and Spikey thistle’s?…. Just FABULOUS!  A similiar afftect could be had using a soft green Hydrangea in place of the blue and some seed pods in place of the spikey thistle.  The Mokara Orchids are the perfect foible to the pale blush garden roses.  Artful floral Design at its best!





Great rustic setting for Fall.  Such great detail,… in the use of the subtle stripes in the runner to the daring, deep green 70’s glassware.  I had to share this Pin since, I bought my own Mother an Ice Tea set in this same green glassware when I was about 9rs old,.. from the T.G.& Y on Second St…. Check out that flatware too,… LOVE!




I’ll finish off this Fall themed Pinterest Thursday Post with a riot of Fall leaves and a Pumkin lined path that any Autumnal minded Bride would love to walk through on ther way to meet her Betrothed.  Happy Fall Y’all!


Source: via Hope on Pinterest


See you next Pinteres Thursday! <3




The more I look at this, the more I like it.  Lots of great texture and contrast but, not too busy.  The best part is,….. Free snacks! (Do you think anyone was brave enough to snag a fig,…I would)!

via ~ Canvas and Canopy

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