Looks like fun!


wedding arch & aisle.


Looks like fun!

I am always so amazed at all the creative decor ideas that I see everyday.  I’ve seen so many gorgeous ceremony decorations ideas. The Event industry is full of outstanding Event Designers that can turn out some astoundingly amazing Weddings.  Unfortunately, the price tag is out of reach for most of us.  Here I’d like to look at some ways to get the same “Lux Look” as some of the big budget Event Designers on a more manageable scale and of course,…as always, on a realistic budget!

Get your “Martha Stewart” ON!

Ok,…. I must admit,… I love this idea!  Not something you should be hearing from a professional Wedding florist but, these paper flowers are just so dreamy and surreal, most off all totally DIY on a budget!

paper flowers

~ via Colin Cowie Weddings~

I’m sure all of you Brides out there have seen these so, it’s super easy to get the “How to’s” for making these yourself.  I think this is best used in an indoor ceremony location.  Notice how the size of the flowers are balanced and taper off at the bottom.  I would love to see photos of your DIY paper flower arch!



~   Drapery   ~

Who doesn’t adore soft, flowing drapes?   Using pre-made drapes or yardage fabric is a perfectly DIY way to add some serious drama to your ceremony.

Here, a simple arch is constructed out of what appears to be White Birth branches.

gorgeous altar!

~ via style me pretty ~

Joining these branches together would be very simple with some twine and maybe a nail or two.  Just make sure that your arch is secured to the ground on four points. This could be easily done with some metal stakes securely attached to bottom of each post with wire.  Please be sure to cover your “Mechanics” (nails and ugly stuff) like a good Florist would!

It’s amazing how such a simple thing like drapes can add such graceful drama!  Seriously, how easy is this?  throw up a curtain rod secured to the closest branches and instant DRAMA.

Love the curtain arch thing.

~ via iloveswmag.com ~

Fishing line in a heavier gauge would easily hold up a curtain rod.  Also, it would be best to use a lighter weight fabric like a chiffon or even a gauze for a more rustic feel. A fabric with movement and “Drape” would be better than a stiff bodied fabric.  Don’t forget to bring your level and a very tall ladder!

For this application you’ll certainly need a heavier curtain rod but, how stunning is the result?  I am in love with the simple garland applied to the leading edge of the drapery.  Attaching the garland could be done with narrow gauge wire, pins or even your trusty glue gun!

apply a garland

~ via colin cowie weddings ~

Notice the small floral accents at the top and sides.  If you add the flowers yourself please make sure that they have a water source.  Small “cages” can be purchased at your local craft store that have floral foam to keep the flowers hydrated.  Bring along a spray bottle of water to keep the garland moist until the last minute.

Here is an adorable arch that I made for a little photo shoot at our local park.  I wanted to use some ribbons in a way that still looked elegant while feeling fun and casual.  I think it turned out super cute but,  anything would look good with a model as gorgeous as Karissa.  Believe it or not, I got everything to make the structure at Home Depot!

Looks like fun!

Just about anything could be used at the upper corners to get the same effect as my fresh arrangements.  I think large bunches of Baby’s Breath would really be sweet with lace ribbons or even some lace fabric gathered up and draped between the poles,…. The possibilities are endless!

I keep several buckets handy with a piece of pvc conduit (Ask a sales person) sunk into plaster of paris for stuff like this.  Those perfectly, rustic looking poles are for sale just the way you see them and they conveniently fit inside the pvc conduit that was already in the bucket,… lucky me since I didn’t measure first!  I covered the buckets with burlap sacks that I also bought at Home Depot, all in the garden dept.  Look for a video tutorial on this project coming soon!

I hope you’ve found some helpful ideas here.  Check back again for more ways to get the gorgeous Wedding you really want on a realistic budget.


Sweet Karissa at Lindo Lake


I finally decided to try a photo shoot!

fading sky and bouquet


I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the pictures but,….. I AM thrilled with my absolutely ADORABLE model, Miss Karissa!  I can hardly stand how sweet she looks, I tell you!  As it turned out, Karissa had just gotten engaged the week before we took the pictures.  I’ll be sure to post pics of her entire Wedding next Summer.  Congrats my darling little Karissa and her super cute and funny Fiance’, Brett.




My small little Hometown of Lakeside, CA has a great park right smack in the middle and I thought we’d show it off a bit,… Isn’t it pretty?







I guess the pics turned out Okay,….. I’ll try not to be too hard on myself considering this was the first attempt at actually being a photographer AND a Floral Designer. (My Husband took most of the pics but, I’m taking credit,…. Is that wrong?) Wink





I thought I would try a more “Casual” look for this photo shoot since we were in a County park and all but,…. Let’s just say, I’m not usually a “casual” Wedding designer.  I admire all the Floral Designer that make that “thrown together” look,….. Look good!



Lindo bouquet close up



Here’s Karissa’s actual Engagement ring.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  She say’s,… “Brett (Her Fiance’) is such a GIRL,.. he has great taste and likes to go shopping with me”….  Seriously,… isn’t that a GOOD thing?

We should ALL be so lucky!!



Karissa's gorgeous ring



I just adore her great smile!



Sweet Karissa at Lindo Lake



Not too bad for an Amateur photographer……



Too Gorgeous!!



This is my absolute FAV pic!….  This totally shows her sparkling & sweet personality….



Looks like fun!



We actually ran out of light the evening of the shoot so, I finished up shooting the centerpieces the next day in my yard.



aged look



It was fun to use some of my antique books from my Great Grandmother and the aged salt dips are the perfect color.  That book on the bottom is a copy of an “Anderson Fairy Tales”,…. I’m thinkin I should see what it’s worth!



Peach lily"s in a bucket



I loved these little buckets! The touch of lace was extra sweet..



Peach roses in a bucket



Here’s the Bridal bouquet again,……. Pardon all the repeat pics,….. I’m a photo newbie!



More bouquet



Oh yes,….. more burlap & lace my lovelies,…… Can we EVER get enough??



bouquet & Anderson's Fairy Tales



Dahlia”s are such beautiful flowers!  They come in every shade of purple and lavender that you could imagine.  Lily’s have fallen out of favor lately but, I couldn’t resist this particular shade of Peach,…. I don’t think they look “dated” at all,…. Do you?



Dahlia"s & books



Just a few more sweet pics…..



pretty & faded



I was a little obsessed with the sweet sage in this antique purple bottle.  The sage smelled so amazing and the grayish white color is great to add softness and texture.



pretty little things all aglow.



The colors in the bouquet starting to take on the yummy warm colors of the evening sky,….. I more pleased with the pics now that I’m actually sharing them with you and get to have another look at the lovely colors.

I’ll make another go at a photo shoot before the next big Wedding in October.  Hopefully I’ll be more pleased next time round.  Maybe, I’ll go  with a less casual theme,…. How bout a Gatsby-esque, 20’s feel?  Yes,…. that’s it!  I’m sure Karissa will look absolutely “Ducky” in bugle beads and smokey eyes.

Until next time…..


fading sky and bouquet


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